The Sunderland AFC Keroche football academy now has a record number of children and youth across our 4 academy age groups. It has steadily risen over the years, and now caters for 131 players/children. All of whom are hoping to be sponsored, so we can carry on their development.

If you would like to sponsor one of the players in any of our 4 academy age groups, just pick one who does not have a sponsor on their picture (See below for all their pictures and details) 

We dedicate the academy section of our website, to our former Under 15’s academy player JOHN NJENGA, who sadly took his own life at the tender age of only 15yrs.





Dave & Kath Horn.


Our Under 17’s academy Academy has been sponsored for the 2020-21 season by Paul and Sophia Robinson from Parkend Pizzeria, in Middlesbrough.



Our Under 15’s Academy is sponsored by Glen Potter, a Sunderland fan from Mansfield, Notts, UK.



Our Junior Academy main sponsorship package, is still available. For full details please contact our UK president GARY LAMB on UK mobile: 07880732078 or see this link:


The Sunderland AFC Keroche academy is made up of 4 categories,

1, Junior academy 2, Under 15’s academy 3, Under 17’s academy 4, Senior academy.

Junior Academy, (Currently still available to sponsor)

Under 15’s Academy, (Sponsored by Mr. Glen Potter)

Under 17’s Academy, (Sponsored by Parkend Pizzeria)

Under 21’s/Senior academy, (Sponsored by Dave and Kath Horn)

See the following link for sponsorship details) 

If you would like to sponsor any player, from any of our academy age groups, please just view all the players below, from all our various academy age groups, if their picture states “STILL AVAILABLE TO SPONSOR”, you can simply choose your preferred player, who is still hoping to be sponsored. Then simply call or text our UK president GARY LAMB on UK Mobile no: 07880732078. Gary will be able to give you details of how to make your sponsorship payment of £50 per player, either by bank transfer, Paypal or cheque.


The Junior, under 15’s and under 17’s academies are overseen by:


A number of our 1st team players, also give up their free time on Saturdays (If they don’t have a game) to help Ngasho to coach the kids. All of these academies train every Saturday during school terms. But train from Tuesday-Saturday during any school holidays.

Our main aim at this stage is to keep the children off the streets, but also to develop their talents in a safe environment. Most games at this level are “In-house” friendlies although the under 15’s and under 17’s (Ages 13-17), get to compete in local tournaments, and may get a competitive game during the school holidays against other local academy teams, or a local school whenever possible. Any local kids in our area wishing to attend are welcome, and we NEVER refuse any child, regardless of their talent.

Also unlike European academies, we never release any child, regardless of talent, because we realise they have nothing else to enjoy, plus most of their close friends are in our academy.

The children from the above categories, also have the opportunity to be ball boys/girls at 1st team games, on a rotational system.

As the kids progress through the various academy’s those who are showing potential talent are promoted through the various age groups and then onto the senior academy, which are overseen by our academy head coach. (Even those not showing potential, are still welcome to attend)

BEN WAITHAKA. (Academy head coach)


At this stage Ben organises regular friendly games on Saturdays for the senior academy, to give the lads the feel of competitive games. He also enters them into tournaments, and senior academy players are welcome to train with the 1st team players, to build up their fitness levels and skills.

In the last 8yrs, 31 senior academy players have gone on to be 1st team players, which is great testament to the dedication of all those who help, in the various stages of their progression through our academy.


SENIOR ACADEMY (Sponsored by Dave & Kath Horn) 

Our senior academy team hold a remarkable record of only 1 defeat in 9yrs, which happened in 2014, and now remain unbeaten in 7yrs.




(43 PLAYERS) This is our largest academy, you will notice from their pictures that 12 of these boys, are still hoping to be sponsored for the 2020-21 season. If you would like to sponsor one of them for only £50 per season (Less than £1 per week), please text or call our UK president GARY LAMB on UK mobile: 07880732078.

Players sponsors for the Senior academy, currently include the following people:

Lee McGuire, Keith Atkinson Cowley, Jim Eilbeck, Brian Maitland, Barry Cougle, Trevor Longstaff, Dominic Smith, The Louth family, Graham Russell, Paul Purvis & Sue Bambrough, Dennis Pallister, Alex Woodmass, Eamonn Callaghan, Paul Leonard, Stuart, Kyle & Jack Anderson, Sophia White, Sandra Gardner, Stephen McGuire, James Stokoe, Jean Dennison, Kelvin Lax, Mark & Kat Hall, Dean Lamb, Eamonn Foley, Sean McArdle, The Newcastle & Gateshead branch of Sunderland Supporters, Simon Austin and Lee Williams (Leaving 12 players still hoping to be sponsored)

If you would like to sponsor, one of the remaining 12 senior academy players, who have “AVAILABLE TO SPONSOR” on their picture. Then please contact our UK President Gary Lamb on UK Mobile: 07880732078.
















UNDER 17’s ACADEMY Sponsored for the 2020-21 season by:

We currently have 18 players in the under 17’s academy.

Players sponsors for the under 17’s section currently include the following:

Keith Dolan, Brian Maitland, Dan Carter, James Stokoe, Dan Todner and Eamonn Foley.

(Leaving 12 players still hoping to be sponsored) 









UNDER 15’s ACADEMY (25 players) Sponsored by Glen Potter, a Sunderland fan from Mansfield, UK.



Our under 15’s boys proudly wearing their Bradley Lowery shirts, in memory of their “Hero”

The under 15’s academy, currently has 25 players, many of which are still hoping to be sponsored.

Under 15’s player sponsors include: Our UK President Gary Lamb, Dan Todner and Daniel Connor

(Leaving 22 players still hoping to be sponsored)













To sponsor any of the players below for the 2020-21 season for only £50, please call Gary Lamb on UK mobile: 07880732078, and you can pay via a bank transfer to the following:

Lloyds bank
Account name: SAFC KEROCHE
Account number: 25602160
Sort code: 30-95-96

Or call Gary, if you would prefer to pay by cheque or PayPal.

The following children are in our junior academy. At this stage most of the kids haven’t yet been given positions on the pitch (Except those showing exceptional talent for their age) because at this point it’s more about giving the kids an opportunity, to come along and enjoy themselves, in a safe environment, with their friends, brothers or sisters.

Even at this young age we are also hoping to find sponsors for each of these children. (If they have “AVALABLE TO SPONSOR” on their picture)

Sponsors of children in our Junior academy include the following:

Mrs. Jean Wright and daughters Kathy & Laura, Mrs. Gillian Banks, Eamonn McGuire, Elisha Maley, Margaret Coupland & granddaughter Zahra, Daisy Stokoe, Gavin Lynch, Matt Gage and Hayley Holland.