Club Staff



Position: UK president.

Gary works non-stop raising sponsorship, raising awareness of our club and persuading fans and North East clubs to donate kit and decent 2nd hand boots. Gary has also been one of our “Main” sponsors since day one, and is the main communication link from the UK to our team.

Gary can be contacted in the UK on mobile No. 07880732078



Position: UK Vice President.

Alongside Gary he also works tirelessly raising awareness of our team and academy. His house is used as a “Storage area” for all donated kit, until those items are washed, cleaned and sorted out, ready to be sent to Kenya. John has also been one of our main sponsors since day one.

John owned a chain of pharmacies before he finally sold out, and decided it was time to put his feet up and relax. Now he has much more time to fully concentrate on his dedication and passion for our club and academy.





On Friday January 27th 2023, Our UK President met up with Claire when she became the MAIN SPONSOR of our BRADLEY LOWERY TOURNAMENT (Kenya). Claire runs her own recruitment agency HUNTER-TALENT, and after the meeting Gary & John discussed offering Claire the position of HEAD OF SPONSORSHIP at our club, which she thankfully accepted. We truely feel that Claire is the missing link in our club, as she has a huge network of contacts across varoius businesses and the sporting world. With Claire’s assistance we are confident that the long term future of our club and academy are in safe hands.

Welcome onboard Claire, and MUNGU AKUBARIKI (God bless you)

If you’re ever looking to find your perfect job, and live in the UK, then look no further.

Claire can be contacted vie the following email address:

Tel;- +44 (0) 7804 804116


JOSEPH THEURI aka “Capt Fantastic”

Position: 1st Team Captain.

Known to everyone as “Jose” he is the heartbeat of our club in Kenya. He looks after all the club finances in Kenya, organises all travel for away games, he makes all the communications to the FKF (Football Kenya Federation) In fact he basically organises everything on the Kenyan side, But most of all he is a fantastic captain and motivator. Without Jose our team would most likely cease to exist. In January 2021 Jose was given a position on the FKF (Football Kenya Federation) youth development committee.


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Age 31, Immoh has been with our club from day 1. Twice voted player of the season he retired at the end of the 2021-22 season, then played 1 season with our Wazee team, before returning as the 1st team head coach



Position; Assistant Head Coach. (Still a player in our WAZEE Team)

Paul has been with our club since day one, he began as a 1st team player before moving up as the head coach of our 1st team

During this period he has sat his full coaching course, and in June 2020 was promoted to 1st team coach. Since he has taken up that position, our results have greatly improved. He is very dedicated to our club and demands nothing less than 100% in training and games.



Position: Academy head coach, he oversees all our academy age groups including: Senior academy, Under 17’s academy, Under 15’s academy, Under 13’s academy and our Junior academy. (Also still a player of our WAZEE TEAM)

Ngasho has also been with our club from day one, and was promoted to his current position in 2019.



Position; Academy assistant coach. (Still a player in our WAZEE team)

Ben has also been with our club from day one, he helps Coach Ngasho oversee all our academy players.



Position: Head of security.

Even though Kabuda has been with our club since day one, he has never been a player, but he has always helped out with jobs on matchdays since the age of 13. He is a very reliable kid who loves the club, and he used to be our club mascot. Now at the age of 25 he is head of security.




Position: Club Photographer

Kaka joined our club in 2017. He is a professional photographer by trade, but offered his services “Free of charge” to become our club photographer, due to his love of the team. He travels to most games home and away, capturing great action pictures. We are blessed to have him on our team.




Position: Club committee member, and a former 1st team player who now plays for our WAZEE team. He is also on the 1st team technical bench.

Teddy has also been with our club since day one, and helps to mentor the academy players on the importance of been upright citizens within the community.


JOSEPH BWEYA aka (Shitti)

Position: 1st team player, Kit cleaner and kit manager.

Joseph joined our club in 2019. He lives very close to captain Jose, and after a short while he was offered the job of cleaning our kit as he had no full-time job. He does a magnificent job hand washing all our kit, and is the only person within the whole of our club who receives any form of payment (He receives 500ksh per week for washing our kits, in UK £’s this is approx £3.50) Some weeks he cleans up to 3 full sets of kits, depending if our academy lads have games.

He is now, also our Kit manager, and is responsible for making sure all our different kits are in their appropriate kit bags, ready and prepared for any game.


Matchday first aid man, attending to any matchday injuries. Matic Obi was originally a loyal fan who followed our team to both home and away games, but we rewarded his loyalty by awarding him a place as our matchday first aider, which now enables him to travel for free with the squad to away games.




Known to all  of us as “Dre”, He is our I.T. Expert and the man responsible for building our website totally free of charge. He has a huge passion for football, and plays a vital role in local football, in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Dre used to be a Man Utd fan, but we have converted him into a dedicated SUNDERLAND AFC NAIVASHA fan.

He also helps out at a local grassroots soccer team in Atlanta called SANDY SPRINGS FC. He also works in the media as a cameraman streaming live games in the USA.