Position: UK president.

Gary works non-stop raising sponsorship, raising awareness of our club and persuading fans to donate kit. Gary has also been one of our “Main” sponsors since day one, and is the main communication link from the UK to our team.


Position: UK Vice President.

Alongside Gary he also works tirelessly raising awareness of our team and academy. His house is used as a “Storage area” for all donated kit, until those items are ready to come to Kenya. John has also been one of our main sponsors since day one.

JOSEPH THEURI aka “Capt Fantastic”

Position: Team Captain.

Known to everyone as “Jose” he is the heartbeat of our club in Kenya. He looks after all the club finances in Kenya, organises all travel for away games, he makes all the communications the FKF (Football Kenya Federation) In fact he basically organises everything on the Kenyan side, But most of all he is a fantastic captain and motivator. Without Jose our team would most likely cease to exist.


Position; Head Coach.

Martin has been with our club since day one, he began as a player before moving up as the head coach of our academy. During this period he sat his full coaching course, and in June 2018 was promoted to 1st team coach. Since he has taken up that position we have a achieved the following (We have gained our 3rd promotion to the Kenyan National Div. 2, won the Naivasha Friendship Cup Final 4-1 against FC105. Won the Bradley Lowery Cup final, defeating Kihoto FC 4-0)


Position; Academy head coach & 1st team Assistant coach.

Ben has also been with our club from day one, he oversees all our academy players, and on Matchdays is also the 1st team assistant coach.


Position: Junior, Under 15’s and Under 17’s academy coach. (Also still a 1st team squad member)

Ngasho has also been with our club from day one, and was recently promoted to his current position in 2018.



Position: Kit Manager & Team Mascot

Even though Kabuda has been with our club since day one, he has never been a player, but always helped out with organising the team kit since the age of 13. He is a very reliable kid who loves the club. This season as well as making him the club mascot, we have also promoted him to “Kit Manager” to reward his dedication. He is also responsible for live streaming our games at away fixtures.



Position: Club Photographer

Kaka has become a recent acquisition to our club this season. He is a professional photographer by trade, but offered his services “Free of charge” to become our club photographer, due to his love of the team. He travels to every game home and away, capturing great action pictures. We are blessed to have him on our team.


Position: Senior academy player, and promoted to 1st team for the 2019-20 season. he also covers live coverage of home games.

The younger brother of our 1st team captain, Josam is responsible for streaming all our home games live. His commentary of the games is great, and he now has the nickname of “JOHN CHAMPION”



Known to all  of us as “Dre”, He is our I.T. Expert and the man responsible for building our website totally free of charge. He has a huge passion for football, and plays a vital role in local football, in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Dre used to be a Man Utd fan, but we have converted him into a dedicated SUNDERLAND fan.