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Watch our fantastic documentary

7 years ago (2013) David Kenny, Kevin Clift and Matt Ward for their dissertation at Sunderland University embarked on a journey to Karai, Kenya. The reason? To share the story of how two different communities were brought together because of the love for football.

Keroche was made possible by the generosity of people all around the globe who backed them on Kickstarter.

Since this film was made in 2013, the club have gone on to win 15 more cup competitions, between the 1st team and academy. The 1st team have also gained 3 promotions and are currently playing in the Kenyan National Division 2.

All of these achievements have only been possible through the kind generosity of Sunderland fans worldwide, who have sponsored and given donations, and also donated numerous items of kit.

We thank each and everyone of you for your wonderful support.